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Friday, February 13, 2009

Amber's nightime routine and reading

Amber gets home around 7pm everyday, while we have our dinner, she'll have her fruits or Vitagen and goes to bed by 9.30pm. I give her a bottle of milk before she doze off but recently, I notice her teeth is badly stained. So, I've changed her routine to :
- 8pm : take fruits/supplements/vitagen or other juice
- 9pm : take milk
- 9.30 - 10pm : brush teeth, wash hands and legs or quick shower if she's dirty, apply lotion, last round of shee-shee, pyjamas and bedtime reading.

I always coax her with promises of bedtime reading if she behaves. She enjoys those moments with me. I know unwinding with bedtime reading is healthy and should be a daily affair but sometimes I'm so caught up with other things to do (tend to the house, the maid, etc), I skip it.
Recently with Amber's tantrums, I try to have a routine with her in the evenings to settle her down.

I bought the Peter and Jane series, 1a till 2b. I'll have to start her with 1a . . the elementary reading and recognizing words but my little girl is impatient and jumps to the 2a series because of more interesting pictures of horses in the books. She'll tell me, I want to read this one (pointing to 2a), I teach you ah ... this is horse !

Alamak, she teach me pulak !!

Then she'll go on tell me her version of the story :
Peter is boy ..
Jane is girl ..
Mama is girl ..
Girl cannot marry girl ..
Girl can marry boy ..

and then we'll forget about the whole Peter and Jane series. Recently, she's beginning to understand girl/boy concept :

One day, hubs was going to take a shower and Amber said :
Papa, I take panties for you ok ?

Hubs corrected her and now she always ngam ngam cham cham :

girl wear skirts..
boy wear pants ..
girl wear panties ..
boy wear underwear ..

When I bring her to a public toilet , she'll tell me :

Mama, here.. this one .. the skirt one .. for girls..

She's going to be 3 yrs old in April and we have not sent her to playschool yet. She always tells me she wants to 'go school' when she sees the other kids at the babysitters go to school.
I think I'll have to start scouting around my areas for kindies soon.