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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And some more ...

14th Day

What did we do on Sunday? Plenty !! Amber woke up and threw a tantrum, refuse to let papa out of her sight. Cannot brush teeth, cannot change pyjamas, this and that. Head spinning, dunno how to console her, I asked "do you want to go Por Por house " Her eyes lighted "yes". Wah .. mood change 360 degrees. So, i called Por Por and told her we are coming over for breakfast.

Por Por took us to Serdang Raya for breakfast. She has been telling me about the loh shee fun many times and we somehow we never made it there for breakfast. We went in one car, very 'yuet lau' and the little fart was most happy.

Kedai Makanan Laut Yoke Heng
No. 33, Jalan SR 8/4,Taman Putra Indah,Serdang Raya,43300 Seri Kembangan
Tel: 03-8943 8753
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun 10:30 am - 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm - 11:00 pm

the famous claypot loh shee fun. Clear and thick gravy. Super yummylicous with the dried shrimps.

We had a other dishes, dear meat wat tan hor, pork ribs yee meen, chiu pai tau foo and kangkong. Total bill for 6 of us came up to RM64. Reasonable.

Por Por teaching Amber twinkle twinkle little star in Mandarin.. Ee chang, ee chang liang jing jing...

Por Por spoils Amber rotten. She let her play with lipstick and guess what happens when hubs drive over a bump ? she drew all over her lips and mouth , like mah lau see fatt !!! hahaha.

We sent Por Por home back in Ampang, went home, quick quick shower, pack and off we go again, to Collin's at Kota Kemuning. We've made arrangement to visit FGS Dong Zen at Jenjarom in the evening.
Amber slept in the car and I took a slow drive. She continued sleeping at Collin's couch when we arrived. His precious, Rou Rou was so obedient and didn't make a sound to wake Amber up at all.

Amber playing piano at Pam cheh cheh's piano room. Pam's a very talented piano teacher and also does nail art on her own and she has the most lovely and cozy pink piano room lined with pink, orange and red daisies. She conducts her classes in the room and I must say she's a very creative lady, looking at how she propped the place up.
Amber helping herself with stickers. Pam keeps a 'treasure box with lotsa goodies for kids - stickers, hairbands, stationeries and etc.

stickers on both palm and a hairband... not enough... read on...

Got her nails painted, with acrylic flower motifs. Pam has very deft hands, it's so hard to get Amber to keep her hands still but Pam did a great job.

and she even got her toenails painted too ...

Aunty Mary helping Amber dry her nails with the fan blowing on it.
Later in the evening, all of us headed to FGS Dong Zen at Jenjarom, it's not too far from Kota Kemuning but we did not anticipated the massive jam. Right after exiting at Banting, the crawl begins, right till Telok Panglima Garang and then from Carey Island exit all the way to the temple. It took us almost 90minutes to get there. I've heard the temple closes at 9pm so we visited the temple first before having dinner. Luckily Amber had some of Aunty Mary's cookies before we left Collin's.

The back entrance in , on the left is the 33 Kuan Yin. FGS Dong Zen was packed, people mountain, people sea. Very difficult to take photos !

Wishing tree

Mascot at FGS Dong Zen, sponsored by Dutch Lady..
Hey diddle diddle, the cow jumped over the moon ??

The lightings were awesome and beautiful. Again, very difficult to take photos, too many people, just too many.

We join one of the prayers session and Amber was holding the prayer candle for us, on behalf of our one small little happy family.

We left FGS Dong Zen at 9pm sharp and it was jam, jam, jam again, all the way out from FGS. Luckily, with Collin's navigation, we took a alternative route and cut short our jam by at least 15 minutes (with a car packed with hungry tummies, 15 minutes is a looong loong time)

Alarmed by the jam and not knowing what time we'll reach home, we took a turn to the Restoran Hee Soon Foong, the nearest restaurant at sight, located at the junction to Carey Island. It was packed, nevertheless but they were well stocked up.
Food was yummy, well, anything will be yummy if all I had was loh shee fun earlier on, but I have to say, I could hardly trace any msg in the food.

We had a good dinner and this is what's left.. **burp**.
It was long drive home, all the way to Ampang and we dropped Collin and his family at Kota Kemuning. I quickly grabbed a 2 in 1 coffee at his place before continuing my drive home and reached home at 1am, eyes half closed but had a very eventful day and Amber had lots of fun with Pam cheh cheh, Rou Rou and Uncle Collin.