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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Busy busy busy

Haven't been updating my blog recently. Been very busy lately and sick lately. I think it's the post CNY syndrome. Too much good food, cookies, lack of sleep and liquids (beer not counted) makes one end up with sore throat and fever.

MIL and BIL stayed over last weekends and we had activities planned for them.

During Mah mah & sook sook's stay, Amber was the happiest girl. She kept herself busy playing, talking and amusing us with her antics.

They arrived last Saturday afternoon and we brought them to Ampang Yong Tau Foo for lunch. There's 3 shops (all packed and crowded) along Jalan Wawasan, Ampang Town. The best in still "Foong Foong", shop on the right. Service was fast , very fast, served immediately upon ordering, I think they want us to cepat cepat makan, cepat cepat keluar, so we'll clear the seats for the next crowd in waiting. Smart huh ? Service aside, I like the brinjals the best. Deep fried but not soaking in oil. Brinjals has the tendency to soak up oil when cooked but theirs beg to differ. All other items - fried sui kao, fried fu chuk, taufo, fried tau foo was excellent, except for ladies finger, which was a bit too small compared to the rest. For 80sen per piece, it's still cheaper than many other yong tau foo outlets.

Sadly, I have no photos to show, was too busy fussing over Amber and I forgot my camera. ;(

We were invited to a wedding dinner on Sunday and on Saturday evening, we went to the bride's house for dinner in the evening. For some, it's customary to host dinner for relatives the night before the wedding. The home cooked food was excellent, fish head curry, braised mushroom, fried meehun, fried chicken etc. Somehow, food always taste better when cooked by other people. I don't fancy my own cooking very much. I get very jelak after cooking.

Sunday was extremely hot. Wanted to bring MIL to try out the Hokkien Mee at Ayer Panas but thought it was not a good idea to be sweating and melting in the hot sun. So, we took her to Kin Kin Pan Mee at Pandan Indah and thereafter a tour around Bukit Antarabangsa, the landslides, the beautiful homes, one which belongs to a Malaysian pop diva. We did not do much, as we had to go to Klang for the wedding dinner and located the place with ease with our new Gamin GPS. Hubs finally got a GPS, hurray !!!!!!!! hip hip hurray !!!!!!!!!

Since Mah mah was around, she did not go to the babysitters on Monday. We went shopping at Ikea and lunch at Ikea cafe and had cups and cups of the refillable coffee. Somehow it always taste better on weekdays when there's less people. I don't like the long queue for food and drinks on weekends, kinda puts me off.

Mah Mah and Sook Sook left on Tueday and I started falling sick till today, the throat's itching and I'm longing for a good nights sleep but Amber doesn't want to sleep till very very late.. :(