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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chap Goh Mei and ending with a big big BANG !!!

Why did it end with a big BANG ? This is supposed to be a happy post. I shall talk about the big big BANG later.

The last day of Chinese New Year, or Chap Goh Mei, also known as Chinese Valentines. For me, it's the last 'official' day of merry making but catching up with friends and relatives is something
should not neglect or wait till Chinese New Year right ?

In the morning, we went to temple to do some prayers for Amber, she has been crying a lot lately and I wanted to seek 'divine intervention' if there's anything bothering or disturbing her. I also prayed for peace and harmony for the family. My prayers must have been answered, will tell more in my next big big BANG post.

My cheeky fart found an old pacifier in the car and asked me to take a picture !!!

Amber 'pai pai' to the gods and me, secretly wishing : 'Dear God, please calm her down and not make her cry so incessantly !'

We went to Ulu Klang market for lunch and coincidentally, the stall owners engaged a lion dance troupe to 'bless' the market. Amber was ever so excited. This is her 3rd lion dance experience for the new year.

4 lion dance in total

Amber touching one of the lion's head. They said it's 'ong' to touch a lion's head.

Tearing the pomelos

The lions are hungry too. The offerings were sponsored by stall owners from the market

Lions in action

Blessing the stall owners, sang yee hing loong !

The lions later peeled mandarin oranges and arranged a lucky number :

60 and


6032, 3206 ? Tah chee ? Pau ? I bet the 4d shops nearby had lotsa request for the numbers. Must check newspaper if the numbers strike. Err,, if it did .. geram lah.. we did not buy any.. lol !!

My aunts from my father's side, the Tan family, came over for dinner. When the Tan's gather, we are very very very loud, as my 3rd aunt calls it " Gathering of the LoudSpeakers " ! We will be shouting to be heard and it's always a very fun and joyous event.

My father with (from left) : 1st aunt, 3rd aunt and 4th aunt.

2nd aunt & 2nd uncle passed away and 3rd uncle did not join us. I will make it an effort to hold such gatherings and take a photo for keepsakes. Father is already 75yrs old and I can see how now he treasures family moments more than ever before.

Aunts, sis and spouse/s

Everyone is glued to the tv watching " Threshold of an Era ". Last episode - very kan cheong !!!

Amber and my nephews (elder sis' youngest and eldest son)

After my relatives left for home, father and sis stayed on, makan lagi, minum lagi and yakkety yak yak !

Amber and eldest nephew, Chen Siang, doing the 'goldfish puff'.
Chen Siang left for Melbourne this morning to pursue his Honours in Acturial Science. Good Luck and best wishes to you !!