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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Puppies For My Girl

Amber just loves dogs and puppies esp pet dogs. We were at Javern's house last Saturday for a pre-Chinese New Year gathering and someone brought 2 puppy dogs along, a shih-tzu and poodle, named "Siaw Mi and Siaw Tien" .. (Tien Mi Mi....).. how sweet.
I must say, although I'm not a dog lover, these 2 dogs are the most behaved dogs I've come across. It was a big party, about 80 of us and ST & SM did not once barked.
The dog owner, Siew Li is very responsible, she put on diapers for the dogs so they will not pee
everywhere. Yes, it's baby diapers - Sealers brand too. I went like .. OH MY GOD ! Diapers for 2 dogs, won't that cost a bomb ?? It's just like diapers for 2 babies.

Amber was sleeping away at the guest room and woke up at 10.30pm, when the party's almost ending. She was very taken with dogs and here's her hugging Siaw Tien. She even asked to bring ST home.

Siaw Mi & Siaw Tien

The next day at Ikea, she grabbed a toy dog from the children's section and said it's her Siaw Tien. Here's Amber feeding ST water ... lol...

ST is her best friend now !

She even hugs ST to sleep.