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Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines :)

Yesterday, while having lunch with Sherry, she asked what I'm up to for Valentine's Day ?

err .. nothing i guess. what is there to celebrate

S : Why not ! I tell you, you'd better not take it for granted.. after a while, they'll forget the important dates !

That struck me for a while ! Hubs and I have breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, supper together everyday. We drive to work together, work together, so apa lagi nak romance over a dinner together ?

No doubt, life has been different with Amber, she tags along with us everywhere, that's about it.

And back to Valentines, so, what do I want to do ? Hubs suggested dinner at Ma Maison, but I've been to that place umpteenth times. Anyhow, I've asked Amber's previous babysitter, Por Por to mind her this evening, for which she is more than happy to.

Up till lunch, I can't decide where I'd want to spend Valentines until I was walking past KLCC and I decided I WANT TO WATCH A MOVIE .... with POP CORN and COKE in hand. Yes, that'll make me happy, simple right ?

I have the evening up till 10.30pm, beyond that, Amber will get cranky. My choices were New In Town or Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I chose CCoBB as it starts at 8.30pm and we should be heading home by 10.30pm. After paying for the tickets I checked to reconfirm the movie duration, it was 3 hours and not 2 hours ! That means it'll end at 11.30pm ! Alamak, way past Amber's bedtime. Panicked and I could not change the tickets, I called Por Por. She was very kind and asked me to let Amber stay for the night at her place.

Thank you so much Por Por..

I have not decided where to go for dinner but I'm excited over the movie + pop corn + coke coz it's been a looong loong time we enjoyed that kinda freedom and liberation...