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Friday, February 27, 2009

Amber's blue black eye

A little accident happened at the child minders and Amber got a 'kung fu' kick on the eye. Kids were playing and a kor-kor tickled another cheh-cheh who was lying down, she squealed and jumped and sent a kung fu kick to Amber who was standing her her feet. I probed :

What happened to your eye ?
Yan yan (cheh cheh's name) ... she refuse to say more

Pain or not ?
Pain .. but now no more pain eddy !

Did you cry ?
Yes ..

She refuse to let me touch her eye and I can only see her bruises when she's asleep. I can't put any medication like zheng gu sui, just have to let is heal in it's due course.

Poor sayang, hope the blue black goes away fast I'm just thankful your eyes weren't injured. When kids play together, accidents do happen.