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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wedding Dinner @ Klang

Last Sunday, we attended a wedding dinner at Klang. We found the place quite easily with our new Gamin GPS. It'll tell you the estimated time to destination and was accurate too.

Along the way, I saw some bak kut teh stalls and was suggesting supper if dinner was not filling enough.. haha... anyway, dinner was very good and filling, so no chance for me to dig in to a pot of steaming hot bak kut teh.

Some photos to share :

Amber and her Yuen Wen cheh-cheh "partners in crime"

Amber and cheh-cheh gets bored, so they ransacked sook-sook's pocket for some fun !

Yuen Wen cheh cheh snapping photos of Amber, using sook-sook's camera, who else would let them do that ?

During dinner, I noticed some of the guest were reading newspaper. The vendors actually came to each table to sell papers. I find it amusing, very uncommon in all the other wedding dinners I've attended, but I also think we should respect the wedding event and not immerse ourselves in some serious reading :

Funny huh ?

Funny way of passing time... while waiting for the dishes..