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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Some strange parent

Came across an awkward situation at the supermarket just now. We were queuing to pay for our stuff and suddenly I heard a loud thud and baby yelling on top of his lungs. Hubs saw what happened.

There was a lady, a baby in the stroller, a kid, a man with the trolley and a kid in his trolley.
Apparently the baby, about 5months fell off from the stroller and landed on forehead down.
The baby was gasping for air, crying on top of his lungs.

The mom quickly grabbed the baby and rubbed his forehead. I look at the man with the trolley. He was so nonchalant over the whole thing, I thought , ok... maybe it's none of his business.

I looked at the baby, his eyes were still moving, no bleeding but crying very loudly. Hubs asked if she needed to send the baby to the hospital. The lady ignored us but she could be shocked and felt bad for letting her baby fall.

I told the mom to use pick an ice cream for the ice cream box at the check out counter and place on baby's forehead. Another family from 2 rows away saw the incident and shouted to the lady " Guna ais ! guna ais !

Then she listened to us and picked a bar of ice cream to place on the baby's forehead. I rubbed the baby's forehead, as a mom, I can understand how she felt and I felt sorry for baby too. Amber keep bugging 'I want to sayang sayang baby' !

We were worried for the baby but I can see the mom felt very bad, she kept saying 'tak perasan, saya tak perasan!'

While we were paying, the baby calmed down. The came the mom's turn to pay. I saw her passing the ice cream to the cashier and the man with the trolley behind her continue to unload their stuff. Strange isn't it ? I thought he was just a stranger.

Our curiosity got the better of us, hubs confronted the lady : lelaki tu, sama ke ?

Ya, sama !

OMG !!!! How can he be so cold blooded and acted like nothing has happened and not console the mom or baby ? It's bad enough if he acted nonchalantly as a stranger but if they were the same family, I would find his course of non action very very strange.

I felt to sorry for the mother. The man was so oblivion to his surrounding. Scary isn't it ? He could or could not be the father. My guess is he is the father, even if not, any other human would have reacted to the situation.

Then on the way home, I had this uneasy feeling. The mother looked so scared and timid. Was she so afraid of the husband. Could she be a victim of wife abuse ??? I dare not think further.