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Friday, May 29, 2009

She Wants To Send Money Back

My maid. Again....

This time, the sister, 699 (what better way than to differentiate them by numbers, since they have so many different names - application name, passport name, family name) is home, safe and sound and found a job at a school. Good, I am happy for her. I spoke to her when she called to look for 700.

Last night 700 (my maid) asked me to send USD500 back to Cambodia. Apparently 699 needs money for medical treatment and the other sisters needs it for their studies.

The hubs flipped, nag, nag and nag her... I, kept my cool. I had a few arguments with her recently and I do not even bother blogging about it, just another annoying and idiotic maid vs employer episode. I thought to myself why I should waste my time, breath and efforts teaching her to be smart and save money for herself, teach her about economics, inflation, jobless.. ? Why bother ???

Hai ya.. want to send, send lah.. as long as there's 6 months salary for my keeping, I don't care if she goes home with no money to buy land, no money for any men to chase after her. I really don't give a damn anymore. For someone, who will not keep in touch with me when she leaves, obviously 'mo kam cheng', why do I bother and fret over this issue ?

Now, I've got to find time to TT the money for her. Darn... 3rd time in 5 months !!!!