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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

People Who Never Return Calls

What's wrong with people nowadays? I'm ranting about my alarm system actually. The remote viewer's been out of order for months, somehow, we can view it from home but not remotely. The guy who set our alarm, hubs friend, cannot detect the root of the problem. His son is working on the issue and needed some time to figure it out. We gave him hours, days, weeks, and almost 2 months! Everytime I call or sms the young boy, he's either busy or cannot think of a solution to the problem! Ok, I gave him time (while keeping my cool).

Lately, he's been avoiding my call and that IRRATATES me to the bone. You know how it's like ? You're greeted by some funky song ringing tone, it'll sing sing sing until *toot* you're call has been forwarded to......

Arrgghhhhh !

Last weekend while we were at Tampin, our alarm rang twice at 2.30am and 3pm. I also receive calls from Amber's childminder who happened to pass by my area telling me my alarm rang. I cannot view my house remotely, what can I do apart from worrying ?? I bet my neighbours must have been cursing us all corners !

Hubs cannot take it any longer. He called his friend, the father. The father threw a tantrum, blaming it on Streamyx connection. Hubs blood boiling and flare up, shouted at him ## YOU LISTEN TO ME FIRST !!! YOUR SON NEVER RETURN CALL ! I AM YOUR CUSTOMER AND YOU ARE MY FRIEND !!! ####...........
Wah.. I was *surprised* by hubs tone. Only then, the father calmed down and promised us to look into remote viewer.

True enough, they called us yesterday to fix and appointment and today they came to settle it. Hubs was at home to watch them fix it and gave the young boy a piece of his mind. Apparently his dad already *tarok him cukup cukup*

That's why sometimes, we have to flex our muscles and raise our voice !!!

On the alarm, we found out it was a cat who climbed to our balcony via the roof. Darn those cats.. having a party at our home while we were away.