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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Learning to Express Herself

Amber learns new words again.

I picked her up from her childminders yesterday and hand in hand, we walked to our car. She muttered :

I 'upset' with Boon kor-kor.

?? what does she mean ?? ?? ?? more ?? ?? I quickly turned around and back to the childminders we go. I asked Boon (her childminder) and what happened was he chided Amber for playing with water. She was pouring out water from her tumblers near the kitchen. I told Amber she is not to play with water and wet the floor... and the whole long lecture begins. Then she denied :

boh ! I didn't play with water !

Then all the kids came running out, and said : She did ! She did ! She played with water ! Amber naughty !! At this point, I felt sorry for her, the older kids, me and Boon were against her words.' Anyway, she said sorry and we left. In the car, I questioned her again in a nicer tone on why she denied playing with water. She said :

Amber want to cook soup !

Oh no ! Long lecture again.. you are not to cook(boil) soup, not to play with fire or water ... bla bla bla.. She quickly defended :

No lah ! Amber want to cook soup in the masak masak kitchen. Got pot, I want to cook soup for Boon Kor-Kor

I see... so she actually wanted to make some soup with the mini kids kitchen. Then, i felt sorry for the little fart, her good intention (albeit naughty) was slammed down by everyone as being naughty and telling lies. Then after a while, almost reaching home, she said :

Amber sad ah. Very sad !

Why ?

Becoz Boon Kor-Kor upset with me.

Then goes the long lecture of explaining the whole situation to her again, why she must tell the truth, why Boon kor-kor reprimanded her, etc.. etc..... BUT deep in me, I was surprised with her ability to express herself and her choice of words recently includes 'emo' ones like upset, sad, tired, etc.