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Friday, May 15, 2009

Macaroni and Cheese

Getting Amber to eat is a tough task. She hardly tells me she's hungry or wants food, other than chocolates and yakult. Feeding her is a chore. I've stopped making porridge for her, I think , in fact, I am also put off by the few selection of porridge she's been having for the past 2 years.

She's lost so much baby fat. Her latest measurements at the paeds is :
weight - normal
height - above average

for her age.

That means she's underweight for her height. Her pants, shirts and skirts gets shorter and shorter but not any tighter. I always call her 'sau mang kai' (skinny little chicken)
I try all kinds of method to get her interested in her food, making her food more interesting, cooking her a variation and even resorted to can food.

Below is the Campbell's cheese and herb sauce which came free with the Prego pasta sauce.

I made macaroni, boiled till real soft and cut some flower shaped cheddar and she walloped everything. That made my day !

I believe many moms also go through a feeding problem phase with their kids and I hope Amber goes through this phase soon. I really miss her chubby cheeks and fat thighs !!!