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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Itchy backside

She's been complaining of itchy backside recently and always have sporadic stomachache too. Wants me to apply 'hong yu' on her tummy, yu yee oil and lately tiger balm. She was fascinated with the tiger balm and thinks 'tiger' has more power to make her pain go away.

She's always scratching her bum bum, in public, at home and especially when she sleeps. Last night, she screamed out loud : ITCHYYYYY! MAMA PLEASE SCRATCH !!!!

I thought it was a bout of eczema, I checked everywhere, no sign but her anus was a bit red.

I used a tissue paper and scratched.

She laughed ! heee heee hee hee haa haa ! Don't scratch liddat. Scratch harder !

OMG ! The scratch was ticklish and I think I have to scratch harder.

So, I scratched and scratched until she fell asleep like a baby. Then I put on her diapers and pyjamas.

The things we mothers do for our child... :)

Her appetite's getting from bad to worst, I have trouble getting her to eat anything, except her milk. I should pop over to the pharmacy later to check on deworm medicine. I remember when I remember the Combrantrine advertisement over tv when I was a kid. The worms looks really scary, big head wiggly and mean looking too. Thank god I never had any worms .

Sigh, I hope to get something to cure her itchy backside. Bad enough with eczema, she's itching all over, now, her bum bum is not spared.