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Saturday, May 2, 2009

An outing to Lake Gardens

Today is a start of a long 3 day weekend and we decided to do something different. We brought Amber to the park. Going to playground is a treat for Amber. Sad isn't it ? It's not that I don't want to bring her outdoors more frequent but we don't have much choices of parks or play areas where we live.

Annie told me Lake Gardens has a huge playground, so we decided to take a drive there (with the help of GPS).

We were lucky to find a parking on a public holiday. When we left. All the cars parked along the yellow line got a summon of RM100 (yes, I can't believe DBKL working on a public holiday)

Amber and Papa strolling to the park. See the cars on the right ? About 20 cars was issued summons. Kesian !

Oh ! She was soooo happy and excited! The sun was already up and the slides were burning hot, so we left for a stroll in the park after a while.

Doing some exercise, improving her dexterity !

Oh little monkey ! So happy ya ?

She had a good sweat out !

she runs after Papa !!

and brings Papa to chase after me

both of us, tired out, lets her run on her own..

Oh! She's really sweaty ..

And finally, tired.. Papa, please carry me, Amber tired !!.
Luckily I was holding the camera and she didn't bug me to carry her, otherwise, my legs will go 'senget'
We had a very enjoyable morning and promised Amber we'll go there a few more times in future.
I'm surprised the playground at Lake Gardens is well maintained. Will definitely go there again.