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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sharing Everything

This post is for the record of Amber's growing up antics.

Amber's bed is full of stuffs. She has 3 bolsters, 3 pillows and her little Siaw Tien's family (Siaw Tien, ST's mama - pink teddy bear and ST's papa - Doraemon). I think the bed is OVERCROWDED and I chuck ST & family to the floor.

Last night, she was very sad to see ST & family on the floor, she wanted to share her blanket with them. So, off goes the blanket to the floor. Next, she wants to share her pillow 1, pillow 2, pillow 3 and then share her bolster 1, bolster 2, bolster 3..

then her bed looks like this :

She'd rather sleep on an empty bed but of course Mama had to cover her up with blanket when she's asleep. When she woke up, she throw everything on the floor for ST and joins ST to have her milkie.

I wonder what's this with ST that Amber loves so much ?