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Monday, August 10, 2009

Wine Gathering with the wine kakis

*backdated post* - 1 August 2009. .. sigh ! been so busy lately, no time to blog, no time to read or reply blogs. The craziness is calming down now and I'm back, tapping the laptop again..

Last Saturday, the wine kakis gathered at Steve's spanking new groovy house at Country Heights. 4 of us will bring a bottle of wine each and some food. We'll always discuss what wine to bring , to complement each other's. Conincidentally, all of us have only 1 child and all 4 have daughters.

Dang dang dang DANG !!!.............

From left to right :

1) Wolf Blass Platinum Label 2006 Barossa Shiraz - ES' collection. The only Australian amongst the French. My favourite, it's complexity not too complex, palatte and notes to my liking. Easier to drink than the rest coz I wasn't paying too much attention. I had to keep a close watch over Amber

2) Chateau DuTertre Grand Cru Classe 2004 Margaux- Steve's collection Very good body and aftertaste but lack finess for a Margaux. Hubs noted this wine still has room for maturity. Perhaps should wait 2-3 years more, we'll see the full potential.

3) Chateau Rauzan-Segla Grand Cru Classe 2003. Leonard's collection. Rauzan-Segla is a great wine but 2003 was a horrid year for France, extreme temparatures destroyed a lot of crops. Nevertheless, Leonard didn't take a risk in storing it any longer, Rauzan 2003 joined the list for the night.

4) Chateau d'Armailhac Pauillac Grand Cru Classe 1996 Philippine de Rothschild. Hub's collection. The most anticipated wine but also the most disappointing.
Supposedly a good vintage and from a reputable wineyard but it ended up in the sink. The wine was 'vinegar-ish'. We bought it from Teow Soon Hock's at Langkawi, duty free. We suspect it was spoit during storage. Sigh... 'sum thoong' lor...

Thanks to my blog, I now note down the wines we consumed and comments. So, now whenever we go wine tasting or have wine gathering, I bring my camera along. In fact, last Friday, we were at Denise wine tasting, I shared this idea with a strange, he started to fish out his camera to click away. Anyway, Denise wine tasting was so boring, my first and last time there. They were un-generous with the wines and held the bottles so tightly, I don't have a chance to study the bottle lable. Not only were they stingy with wines, they were stingy with cheese and crackers too. I have never seen cheese cut so small, fit for a mouse ! I should have brought my own cheese. Frankly I felt insulted with their service. They let you try a little wine and take the bottle away and you've got to wait another 20 minutes for the next tasting. Potong steam lah !!!! Too bad I didn't take any pictures, otherwise I'll have supporting proof of my rants.

Anyway back to our wine tasting .......

We have a new member...Hwa Thong baby :

She's as charming as his dad.

We had 'pot luck'.. fried rice, satay, hokkien mee and more..

Wai Fun made salad.. Yumzy yum yum...

Leonard brought some yummy roast lamb. Tar pau-ed from Kelab Rahman Putra, after his golf game. He got all the sides and corners, well roasted parts.. I likeee...

Accompaniements to the wine ... olives and cheese

I made apple crumble and Wai Fun had Vanilla ice cream ready for us :

Next wine gathering will be at our place, yippee !! I think since we go round and round, we should call ourselves Wine Round Robbins !