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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Favourite Exotic Fruits

Everyone of us has our own favourite fruits. Apart from the basics - apple, orange, banana & papaya, which we always have, I stock up on hubs, Amber's and my own favourites.

Amber's 'recent' favourite red dragonfruit. Very yummy and helps her digestion a lot. After just a quarter of the fruit, I can see maroon hue in her urine. I also like the red stain on her lips. Looks like she had just applied lipstick ! I hope she likes this fruit for long, otherwise I don't know how else to make her eat fruits. I notice her favourite fruits always changes and for the records, her list is :

8months - 1 year - soft nectarines
12 months - 1 year - red apples
1 - 2 year old - soft and sweet packham pears
2 - 3 year old - yellow kiwi
3 yr onwards - refuse most fruit .. and now started liking red dragonfruit.

Hubs favourite exotic fruit is soursop and mangosteen. Soursop is not easily available, although it fruits almost all year round. I get my supply from Carrefour, Isetan or the wet market. He sweats a lot after consuming soursop or mangosteen and we don't know why. He just loves this fruit and always bugging me to get more. He even wanted to plant a soursop tree at home but I stopped him. Soursop trees are not easy to maintain, the fruits rots quite easily and that explains why the fruit is so scarce.

My favourite has to be ...


I love custard apples (buah nona) as a kid and was lucky to have relatives and neighbours who brought me many. Those small little fruit with lots of seeds, hardly any flesh but so so yummy.
Lately, I found these in the market :

Australian custard apples from Thailand !!!!! Australian ones cost a bomb (almost up to RM30 per fruit), I cannot afford to indulge. These Thai ones are a gem, about RM7 per kilo, it's like a cross breed between local and Australian custard apples, very fleshy and sweet. Amber likes it too.
Seasonal and only available for a couple of weeks in a year. I think it's tail end of the season already as I hardly see it around. Can't wait till next season to enjoy

Another all time favourite, CIKU !! Earthy, custardy and super duper sweet. Love it since I was a kid. I love peeling this fruit it. Looks crusty on the outside but consume when it's tender to touch. If you wait too long the sweetness will turn sour with a saltish tinge. I enjoy peeling the fruit too, just use a fruit knife and glide through the skin.