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Monday, August 24, 2009

Between Extremities

She can throw the worst tantrums, be the tiniest monster on earth until I wanna tear my hair out


She can also be the sweetest of angels !

Scene 1
Lately, she 'lau kai' over the slightest things, she's not happy with the slightest thing and she can even be unhappy with the way the wind blows.
She'll scream and stomp and shout !

Once, I placed her on the kitchen island, lowering down my voice, talking sense to her (and I can't even remember what it was all over about, but it's something trivial), she screamed murder and with runny nose and sticky gooey flowing down, she shouted I Don't want Mama ! I want to 'lau-kai'

I pacified her.. she didn't give me a chance. She cried some more

So I fished out the camera and video-ed her.

She was so ANGRY ! She spitted at me ! ABOO !! ABOO !!

Fuyoh ! I was shocked but instead of calming her down, I laughed at her action!

Hubs saw from a distance, laughed also. Maid standing few feet away, laughed too.

That got her very very angry and shouted I DON'T WANT MAMA ! GO AWAY !

Then hubs turned angry and quickly took away. If you don't want Mama ! You go out !
Hubs threathen to throw her out of the house. After more screaming and upon reaching the grills, the crying stopped. All I can see is a 3 yr old, wanting to scream her lungs out but holding back, afraid of being thrown out of the house.

I can't understand why a little kid would have so much anger.

Scene 2
In BIL's car during our Penang trip, she fought with cheh cheh over some toys. Cheh cheh asked her to stop playing coz she's very noisy!
She shouted : No ! You are naughty !
Cheh cheh : I am not naughty !
So, both of them sulked, not talking to each other and fell asleep !

Scene 3
Not eating her meals,, I threatened, You want me to feed ? Or Kakak ? (Knowing she'll choose me over kakak)
Then maid walks over to us
Amber shouts : You go away ! Go far far away !!! (stomping her feet). I Don't Want You !

That got me very angry and start scolding her. Another episode ensued. Sei mou ? This goes on and on everyday !

Scene 4
Puts on lotion for me (yes, me, the Mama) at night. She does it voluntarily. She'll masage my right shoulders and then left, right feet and then left, right thighs and then left :

Nice or not ? Hard enough or not ?
I use 2 hands ar.. nicer ok ?
Ok ! Turn around, Now I massage the other shoulder !
I massage for you .. because "I Love You" mah...

Then I asked her to massage my legs, which is very dry..

Aiyer ! Why Mama's leg so dry ah ?
You never take care of yourself ah ?
Come, come, Amber massage for you.
I massage you because I love you mah ..
See ? Nice or not ? Now not rough already.

Then I put smoothen the lotion she puts on for me (coz her 'application' is not smooth, a 3 yr olds hand can only do so much)
Mama, why you waste so much lotion ?
Need money buy wan you know ?
Don't waste so much lotion ok ?

(Imitates my exact words when I reprimand her about wasting lotion)


I don't know which is the best method to discpline her. Caning and punishment doesn't work, I don't see her learningher lesson after few episodes from hubs.
I try to be patient but my patience doesn't last very long. I try to speak down to her level, explain to her and many a times, after a while, if she doesn't listen to me, I turn to a 'SCREAMING MONSTER'.

Sigh.. disciplining a 3 yr old is a tough job !!!