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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Refusing the Childminders

Last week

One evening, last week, when I picked her up, her eyes were looking to the floor and she said this to me :

Mummy, I am very sad ....

Naturally, I asked Boon Kor Kor and I also saw none of the kids were at the living room.
Boon said the kids were fighting over a toy, a green soft toy snake from Ikea, the one that curls round the neck.

Amber wanted it.

The other 'older' kids also wanted it.

Screaming ensued, Boon asked the kids to give it to Amber as she's the youngest (the rest were 5,6 &7). The rest got angry and went upstairs to play, 'marginalizing' her.

So, the poor kid was left alone with a long green snake and a sulking face. She felt no one wanted to be friends with her and no one wanted to play with her.

I explained to her during the drive home, about sharing etc , bla bla bla...

During bedtime, we 'pillow talked' , again she said "Mummy, Amber very sad" .
Amber sad because YY kor kor, MS cheh cheh, YY cheh cheh angry with me,
They don't want to play with me!

Haish...she's still not over it. I thought kids have very short memory ? I feel so sorry for her.. cuddled her, assuring everybody loves her, the cheh-cheh's and kor-kor's don't mean to be angry with her.. etc..

Pillow talk so long till I almost fell asleep but the little fart was still wide awake, pondering over the evening's incident !

Then.. comes more and more complains about not wanting to go to Boon Kor Kor's....


This morning

Mama, can you stay home ?

These words uttered by her, with innocent eyes this morning broke my heart. It all started over the weekend.

On Saturday, she wakes up and whimpers... I don't want to go Boon Kor Kor there !
That's easy, it's a Saturday and we had to check up her lungs (by the way, her lungs are cleared but coughing persists).
So, I told her.. Ok. today is Saturday, we stay home, later we'll see a doctor and evening, we'll go to Uncle Collin's. She understood and was very well behaved for the rest of the day.

Sunday came, same thing, wake up and whimpers (eyes closed) I don't want to go Boon Kor Kor there ! I explained again, it's Sunday and she'll stay home with us or go wherever we go. Saturdays and Sundays are stay home days coz Papa & Mama don't work.

I 3 days don't want to go Boon Kor Kor !! (shows me her index, middle and fourth finger,, 1,2,3). She knows Sat & Sun is only 2 days, now she tells me she wants to stay home for more days.

Poor girl, close to tears, I distracted her attention by switching on some Disney cartoons and asked her why she doesn't want to go to the childminders, a place she's so happy to be until recently. Then she said :

Coz I scared Uncle Bulldozer !
Coz I don't want to eat !

Uncle Bulldozer was a bulldozer guy driving near Boon Kor Kor's place. One day when Boon took Amber for a walk, they met Uncle B. Boon stopped to talk to him but Amber was very frightened. I found out today, the other kids were frightening her with Uncle B. If she don't finish her meals, Uncle B will sweep her away.

Haish ! My poor girl !

So this morning, she said in a clear sentence to me :
Mama, can Papa go to work first ?
Mama, can you stay home and take care of me ?

So pitiful ! I sent her to the childminders, brought her in and talked to the other kids, there's no Uncle B to be afraid of. Uncle B is Boon Kor Kor's friend. Then I went to the toilet for a while. When I came back, she was in tears already. The other kids keep teasing her.

What should I do ? I can't scold the kids. After all kids are just kids ....

I told Boon the situation and not to let the other kids frighten her with Uncle B anymore. Boon said he'll play Bob The Builder video today and show Amber bulldozers and such, and there's nothing to be afraid of.

I hope she'll get over this soon. Every morning, I have to deal with her " I Don't Want to go Boon Kor Kor's " *sigh*