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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wild Fruits

I was at the Bukit Bintang market today and found some neat stuff.

A stall at entrance of the market was sellling some wild fruits, pulasan, wild durians, wild mangosteen and red gigantic dragonfruits. Very interesting. He caught my attention and allowed me to take some photos. He said these fruits are not farmed and only found in jungle. I think pulasan and dragonfruits are farmed, so not worth mentioning here.

Wild durians:

The thorns looks really wild to me. Not game enough to try it today and I think I have enough of durians.

Wild 'mangosteen'. Doesn't look like mangosteen to me. RM3/kg, nothing to lose, so I bagged 1kg.

A closer look :

Aha ! Wedges of mangosteen like fruits inside. Taste like a cross between mangosteen and langsat. Not very fleshy. Just suck the juices and spit it out.
Would I buy them again ? Yes and No ! I'd like Amber to experience all the wonderful exotic and wild fruits available but I'd only try them once. Maybe I'll go for the wild durians the next time.