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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Do you believe in acupuncture ?

I didn't think much of it until recently. I brought Amber to a traditional chinese medicine cum acupuncture center to get her cough healed. She has been coughing for more than a month and nothing seems to cure her.

The lady doctor saw me and asked about the countless pimples I have on my chin. She also commented I've gained weight. She said it's due to 'hormonal imbalance' and I need to get myself treated otherwise I'll continue putting on more weight. I thought 'sei lor' !! More weight ?? Already super duper peak on the scale, reaching 'new high' (not stock market ok ? just my weight).

I've always had pimple issues (sigh.. at my age.. still have 'ching choon tau'). I've seen a few skin specialist and they'll almost always prescribe antibiotics, and that's the probably the worst treatment for any long term skin issues. I've also seen dermatologist for treatments, they work but derms are getting very expensive now.

I thought ok lor, no harm trying. I need to take chinese meds for a few months and at least 10 course of acupuncture to see improvements on my skin.

Hubs took a picture of me in treatment :

I felt like a porcupine, so many needles poking on my chin, 2 more needles on my ears and another 2 on my hand.

It's only painful when she pokes the needles in, hurts for a moment, then wait for 20 minutes and her assistant will pull the needles out, which is not painful at all.

Well, after 4 sessions of treatment, my skin has improved a lot and I'm immune to the pain.

So, anyone game for acupuncture ?