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Friday, August 7, 2009

Random Conversations - Of Peacock feathers.

She's at a stage where she wants to argue on anything and everything. This conversation went on in the car, just both of us, after picking her up from childminders and going down town to pick Papa.

I placed her in her car seat, asked her to take off her shoes (coz she'll dirty my car seat by kicking the back of front passenger seat)

Don't want ! Don't want !!

Arrghh.. here we go again.. I fished a dinosaur out from the back seat pocket and she smile..
So,,, to town we go.. and...

Mama, why is dinosaur sharp sharp ??

duh ? how to answer ? she was holding a dinosaur with sharp back ..

I don't know why but there are many types of dinosaurs. Some with sharp back, some with long neck, some can fly...

Just like birds, there are many kind of birds, chicken is a bird, duck is a bird, they can't fly, eagle is a bird, eagle can fly. Peacock is a bird. Peacock has beautiful feathers, It's green, blue and turquoise in color, spread it out and it's beautiful. There's a saying "As Proud As A Peacock"

I want to be like peacock

Why ?

I want to put feathers on my kor-yeah (back)

Why ?

I want to look nice nice !

LOL !! Sei for lor !! How to stick feathers on her back ?

Errr.. I can't find any peacock feathers for you. There are no peacocks around here. You can only find them at the zoo

I want to go zoo !

No, it's too late, we have to fetch papa, we can't go zoo

No ! I want to go zoo !

No ! The zoo it closed. It's late, sunset already, zoo is closed, birds sleep already !

Sensing she's not getting anywhere, she changed topic ..

I want to go Mid Valley, I want to go Tampin

Why ?

Because I so long never go ! I want to go NOW !

No .. we are fetching Papa, it's too late to go Mid Valley now

Then, we saw KLCC from the Ampang Elevated Highway.. she know's it's very near, no excuse to say it's late or far.

I want to go KLCC
I want to go KLCC to buy peacock feather and put on my kor-yeah (back)

I really wanted to laugh out loud ! which kid would want to wear peacock feathers other than my argue-till-no-end Amber ?

No, we have to fetch Papa.

Why ? Why cannot ? Why we cannot go buy peacock feather ? Why ? Why ? Why ?

Finally we reached Papa's office.

Papa, Amber want to go KLCC buy peacock feather, I want to look nice nice. I want peacock feather.

Hubs was aghast ... what's this about KLCC and peacock feather, I explained to hubs in Bahasa Malaysia that little fart was in defensive mode, anything we say 'mm ngam teang' !

Hmm.. hubs asked Amber how to get peacock feather.

Can pull from peacock mah

Peacock pain how ?

Not pain wan, no blood ! !

If Papa pull your hair, got blood or not ?

No blood mah

Pain or not ?

Pain !!!

So ? Peacock also will feel pain.

She shuddup and that's then end of the peacock feather story !