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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ipoh Old Town Lunch Specials

It's been quite some time I had lunch at Ipoh Old Town's. My first try was at Seremban 2 and Jusco Balakang. Frankly, I find their food quite okay and I like their 'see mut lai char' (silky smooth 'stocking' milk tea). Once they started sprouting outlets at every corner , every taman, food quality dropped to below zero. They even use 3 in 1 instant tea powder for iced tea. Now, that's something i can make myself without patronizing a 'kopitiam' and paying premium.

I gave Ipoh Old Town another try as I was curious over their lunch specials. From RM5.95 onwards with free kopi o or Pepsi, it's a steal.

There's about 6 set lunches on offer currently :

I tried the 'Hor Hee'. I changed Pepsi to kopi o kosong ping, without additional charge. Hor Hee means fish dumplings but sounds like some horse neighing !! So, what's so special about 'Hor Hee' ????

One dumpling, 2-3 fishballs and some fishcake slices. Taste salty and full of MSG. The fishballs are lousy, just like any other fishballs you get off the supermarket shelves. The portion was so small, I was hungry by 5pm. I won't try this ever again. With all the hype over radio and print media, I would expect better stuff. The 'kopi-o ping' was acceptable and that made up for a lousy bowl of noodles.

Hubs had the dried pan mee. Reminds you of Kin Kin Pan Mee, with chilly flakes.

The 'poached egg' is missing here. If only they could add poached egg, I could have this everyday but with substandard workers they hire, I doubt they could poach an egg ! *sigh* (btw, the outlet near my office is touted as the worst of all Old Towns, bad service, slow service and 'duh' staff). Well, beggars can't be choosers right ? We only have a handful of choices here.

Otherwise, the pan meen is 'OK'.. boleh pass, boleh makan. For RM5.90 ++ , RM6.00 net, it's worth a try. If you don't like the noodle, enjoy the iced kopi-o ping.