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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Painting Her Nails

She loves getting her nails done. By the time we were done with our food expedition in Klang and eached Collin's place, it was past midnight. Amber was dozing off in the car and I have not changed her to pyjamas yet. She kept mumbling "I want to paint my nails.. I want to paint my nails... " while almost falling asleep.

Cruel as I was, I kept her awake.. suggesting we should not paint nails and go home.. Her eyes instantly lit up " No ! I want to fo Pam cheh cheh's house to paint my nails !" Few seconds later, she almost doze off again and I'll try to keep her awake again.

I needed to put on diapers and change her to pyjamas. If I'd wait till she sleeps and change her when we reach home, she'll surely 'lau kai' and what more if she'd missed getting her nails done. That was her 'agenda' for the evening and she'd waited for hours while we hopped from one restaurant to another.

So, we was excited and wide awake when we reached Collin's. Pam cheh-cheh quickly fished out her manicure tools. She decided on something simple since it was too late to do anything fancy.

She did a simple pink polish with metallic flowers for Amber.

Then fished out a 'mini fan' to dry her nails.

Hurry hurry dry ! Late already !
When Pam was done.. Amber put up her legs.. "My toes leh ?" LOL !!!

We told her it was too late to get her toes done. Luckily she didn't throw a tantrum.

I like this shot of her feet tucked under her bum .
We left for long drive home at almost 1.30am with a happy little girl and painted nails :)
The next day, she happily showed kakak, hubs friends, kong-kong, yee-ma her nails.
I never paint nails for her and I don't wanna start. If I do, she'll always be asking to get her nails done. Honestly, I'm even lazy to get my own nails done, let alone paint hers. My nail polish, removers and tools and stashed away somewhere, LOL !!!