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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Little Nyonya

Her latest quirk. Pretending to be Little Yue Niang from Little Nyonya. She enjoys the show so much, ask to be carried and watching intently especially in Epi 8 when Yue Niang was still a little girl and she was pushed over the cruise ship with her mom, down to the sea.

She tells me :

Amber is Little Nyonya

No! You are Little Monster !!

NOOO!! I am Little Nyonya !!

Then she takes her hankies, carefully folding to half and pretends to wipe the floor, like how Nyonya clean floors in the olden times before mops came about ! In fact I remembered my sis and mom used to wipe floors with cloth and not mops !

My Little Nyonya wiping the floor :

And then she asks me to tie her hair up in bun like the Nyonya. I try but I'm not very good at it :

This is a better one, tie in 2 pigtails, twist them up and fasten with shark clips.. nice or not ?

My Little Nyonya, hair bun up, on all fours, cleaning the floor :

She's very cute when pretending to be Little Nyonya :)