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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan @ Klang Bostons

After our Bagan Hailam dinner, we took a drive down to Klang town. If you are familiar with Klang, you'll know a lot of big lorries and containers ply the port area and some roads do not have street lights. I did not feel comfortable driving and I let hubs take over the wheels with Collin navigating the humps while GPS notes down the location.

Jalan-jalan and crossing the Klang river , we reached Jalan Kapar at Klang town, looking for Bostons. When Pam mentioned going to Boston, I thought it was a little village tucked somewhere in Klang but Boston is a 'restaurant' at Jalan Kapar. Jalan Kapar is a long road and clues to this place is it's opposite Kamdar and next to Lembaga Tabung Haji building.

It was already late in the evening and Amber dutifully followed us from one makan place to another. She did complain a little " Hah ? Why have to eat some more ?" I want to go Pam cheh cheh's house ! LOL ! A 3 yr old complaining we eat non-stop. Haih.. LOL !!
Uncle Collin got Amber this Barbie-wannabe toy for Amber and that kept her busy while we waited for our lala. There were many colors and Amber chose the gawdy blue colored hair Barbie-wannabe. It was nicely wrapped with lots of tiny styrofoam bubbles and we named her new toy Bubbles !

Look at the long queue of tables and this is only one side of the road.
We were lucky to find a table at 10.30pm !

Restoran Boston Baru. With a distinctive name as such, I'm sure you'll find
it by just asking around.

The must tries here are chee hun kern (tapioca starch noodles), steamed lala, nestum mantis prawns. We were still full from dinner and I think it's a sin to have a dinner after dinner but to have supper after dinner is okay right ? :)

So, we ordered a few mains just for picking...

Steamed la la.. Really geng stuff. Lala steamed with lots of slivered ginger and chilly padi.
garnished with garlic crisp. If you are a love lala, go for it. Trust me, it's worthwhile your drive to Klang.

Closer look.... so fresh, no unopened, dead or muddy clams in the plate..

HK choy sam. Very fresh and crunchy, our gang said it tasted bland as the lala overpowers our taste buds but I find this dish very well done.

Nestum mantis prawns.. Yummylicious ! Crispy and light.

Takes a lot of skill to cook this dish. If not done right, it'll be darn oily.

None of the food was to Amber's liking but she was well behaved and

can't wait to go back to Collin's place to get her nails painted.

Amber and Pam cheh-cheh. She'll always stick close to her. Wanna know why ? Read my next blog....