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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cuti Cuti Malaysia - Penang Day 3

On the 3rd day, sis's in laws from Penang took us around. Much more interesting food than what we had previous day. We went 'where the locals go'. They picked us up from our hotel and we went to Macalister Lane, Off Jalan Burma. If you are there, take note of the shop below : Kedai Makanan Kim Lee. You know it's a place where locals go by their dressing and no one is holding a camera (except me, hehehe)

So what did we have for breakfast ????

Otak-otak - this is very special, with fresh fish fillet bits. The ones we get from KL is all mashed up together
Char koay kark - similiar to our pasar malam char chye tau kueh but yummylicious ! Soft to the bite and delicious
Koay teok th'ng - with slivers of duck meat and fishballs. Interesting combination huh ? They even have coagulated duck blood but I gave that a skip..

I told Er Jie (sis's second SIL) I haven't had any Hokkien Mee (Penang version of har meen) and she took us to Pulau Tikus Market. We hopped in to a corner coffeeshop at entrance to Pulau Tikus market.

Aitelyu.. Penang Hokkien mee is so different. The ones we get from KL sometimes taste flat coz the mihun and mee taste overcome the soup. Penang ones are pungent and tasty, till the last drop.

So tasty until I almost forgot to take picture, lucky hubs was only half way thru the noodles when I fished out my camera :)

Then .. it was char koay teow .. a much better than the one we had at Gurney Drive.

I've never had 5 different kinds of food for breakfast !!!

Our wonderful host sent us back to the hotel with boxes of tau sar pneah to bring home ...

We checked out around noon and the kids made donations again :)

A wishing well of Hope of Love. :)

We stopped by Batu Feringghi. Hubs insisted to bring Amber to the beach. She's not dressed up for beach play but got wet anyway. The kids were so happy to feel sand on their feet and get themselves wet.

From Batu Feringghi, we took the Balik Pulau road back to Penang Bridge. Stopped for durians too ! I think it's almost end of the season coz I don't see many durian stalls set up. Many years ago, during one of my company trips, I took the Balik Pulau way back to Bayan Lepas, there's at least 10 stalls along the road. Balik Pulau is famous for ang-hae and hor-lor durians.

Luckily we stopped at the first stall because we didn't spot any other durian stalls thereafter.
Quite miserable, only a few durians and some cempedaks.

Not much choice, only a couple of ang-hae and D15. The durians looks ugly, brownish color.

But surprise suprise, the D15 flesh is bitter sweet, I likeee...

There's a pipe of 'mountain water' for us to wash hands. Surprisingly, my finger and hands didn't smell of durians. Must be the mineral content in the water.

The journey from Balik Pulau to Bayan Lepas took us a good 40 minutes. We stopped by Queensbay Mall for shopping. KL'ites are KL'ites , bring us anywhere, we'll still look for shopping centers. We had lunch at AEON Jusco food court. Lousy choice, after having so much good Penang food, the food court stuff taste lousy. Anyway, after shopping, we left for Bidor.

We bought lots of chicken biskits and shak kei ma from Pun Chun Bidor. I don't fancy Pun Chun stuff but I like the shop next door..
Ta Chong Biscuits.
1 Jalan Pasar, 35500 Bidor
Appeared in Ho Chak show. Must be good !

I bought some heong peah here again to add to my loot. MIL also bought some from Pun Chun and Ta Chong, our car was stufffed to the brim.
I saw some beautiful bakes inside. In fact, too pretty to eat. Look at these beautiful mini pastries, snails, chicken and dogs:

Pigs and ducks in the making :

Can you recognize Mr Oink Oink ??

Amber chose a rabbit !

We had dinner at "Xiang Tien Tien Lai". Too bad I forgot to take a name card but it's very easy to find. Once you exit to Bidor from toll, turn right at traffic junction and the shop's at yr left. The only restaurant with many tables.

We ordered (from top left, clockwise) Marmite chicken, pork ribs with shandong nuts, mince pork tofu, choy tam and cheong ching talapia.
Guess how much ???
RM72.. for 6 pax dinner.
Cheap hor ??
So, if you're on a long journey drive down from North, you know where to stop for dinner.
The place is packed but we got a seat coz it was slightly pass 8pm when we got there.
Amber, Yuen Wen with their favourite uncle...

A photo of the 2 Ong Princess.. hardly can get them to smile at camera together and I caught this as the last photo of our trip. :)

So, that the end of our 3day/2night "Cuti Cuti Malaysia" holiday.
Next stop ?
PORT DICKSON - 5 Sep 2009...