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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Amber's Getting Better

We took her to the doctors to check her lungs last Saturday. Her lungs are cleared but cough persists.

I take extra precautions to keep her body warm, especially at night. No more evening baths, just wash hands, legs, bum bum, brush teeth and wipe face. I apply body warming oil to her abdomen, wear a camisole inside her jammies and put on Vicks to her feet sole and lastly put on socks.

I find Vicks helps when kids have runny nose. Apply plenty to their feet, right up to ankles and put on long socks. Kids will sleep better throughout the night.

However, the ever mischievious Amber plays the socks and I have to search for them in darkness after she sleeps and wear it over her feet again .. every night .

She wears the socks over her hands as gloves ....

Nah !!!! See how she likes to roll up her pants? A habit she's used to. Mama has to roll it down again when she's asleep. Just another one of Amber's quirks and quaints.