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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bumbo Chairs

My friend Kimmy returned a Bumbo seat to me couple of days ago. It's been at my office for few days and everytime I walk in or out, I look at the Bumbo seat and thought of Amber and laughed.

Before she was delivered, we were determined to get the Bumbo seat. We thought it's so convenient and easy to use. Baby can be propped up anytime anywhere and we can even bring along when we dine out of home

And so, we got a Bumbo seat for her.

But we only used it a couple of times. Not more than 2-3 weeks.

I dug out her baby photos seated on the Bumbo from my external drive. Only a handful :

@ 3 months 3 wks

@ 4 months 1 wk

I think above photo was her last few occasions on the Bumbo coz her thighs were thick and got stuck. I remembered we were at Tampin then and when we carried her out, her legs were stuck and we carried Bumbo up as well. SIL, MIL and BIL saw and laughed so hard.. it was very funny and cute but too bad I didn't snap a picture then. LOL !!!

Those were her chubby schmubby days... now, she's skinny minny. :)