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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Little Vainpot

She wants to keep her hair long, she wants me to bun it up like Little Nyonya.
Yet, when hubs and I went for a haircut last weekend, she wants to "cut hair"

pester ! pester ! pester !

Mama, I want to cut hair ! Mama I want to cut hair !

How ? You want your hair long or short ? If you cut, then you cannot tie up your hair like Little Nyonya.

'boh kam muan'.. she pleaded :

Cut little bit.. Cut the fringe only !

We gave in, we asked Aunty Vicky (hubs hairdresser) to cut half inch off her back and trim her already short fringe. My trimming is quite neat but not as neat as the pro so she helped me touch up her fringe.

See the whole big pack of Twisties ? She insist to bring along to share with Aunty Vicky and family.

After the trim:

No difference right ?
Aunty Vicky blowed and combed her hair nicely. She's afraid if she don't give Amber the full works, she'll start whining ... lol !
She's just vain and likes to be pampered. After all, she's a girl.. :)