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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tonic soup and others

I just wanna share a bit about Amber's paeds. He has a habit of writing notes for his patients like this :

After a few visits, you'll be familiar with his notes and style of writing. He's also known to be impatient, that's why I dare not take a picture of him with his gown, gloves, mask and all :)
If your child misbehaves or 'lau kai', he'll walk out and attend another patient in the next consultation room, he believes parents should be in control of their child before he checks the child. Anyway, I have to thank him for diagnosing Amber early before she gets a full blown infection and needs hospitalization.

I also boiled a tonic for Amber last night. I kept it warm and put in a flask to bring to childminders this morning .

It's a ready packed tonic from chinse medicine shops :

The ingredients are dates (mutt choe), dried pears, figs, chinese almonds (nam hang pak hang) and kat peang (candied mandarins)

Simmer in slow cooker for 2.5 hours , very easy.

I hope the tonic helps nourish her lungs. In fact it's really yummy, hubs and I had a cup each last night.