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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cuti Cuti Malaysia - Penang Day 2

Day 2 was 'temple visit day'. We did nothing but visit temples and it was sooo HOT ! MIL said one day in Penang is more tiring than one week in Australia.. lol !

After our breakfast at the hotel, we went to the Reclining Buddha Temple, or Wat Chayamangkalaran at Jalan Burma. My first time visiting, so I didn't mind the trip.
The little ones had fun, I'll let the pictures do the talking :
Amber with the Reclining Buddha

Temples are her favourites, she likes to 'pai pai'

She has been very 'lau kai' ~ tantrumental lately, I asked hubs to get a lotus candle to pray for her well being.

I like this very much. See how her feet is tucked under nicely ?

Then she makes a donation ..

Behind the reclining Buddha is another 12 buddha statues, each representing an animal in the chinese almanac. Amber was born in year of Dog, so we took a picture of her her for memories. She 'touched' the dog.

and the 'gold film' fell off ! Alamaks !!

Yuen Wen jie jie was born in year of Rooster ..

Next, we visited the Burmese temple, Dhammikarama Temple, across the road. Weather was getting hot and stuffy, I didn't take any pictures inside the temple, I just wanted ICE & WATER !!
There's a small garden at the backyard and the kids roamed about.
Amber sits on a deer

The kids needed a hat, coz it was so sunny
Although hot and sweaty, they never cease to monkey around

Next stop : Lunch at Air Itam
famous for .....
I never fail to drop by here in all my visits to Penang. The ever famous Air Itam Assam Laksa. It's opposite the Air Itam market, quite dirty mind you but I never had any problems after so many visits here.

I bet they sell hundreds of bowls per day.

Yumm.. the purpose of my Penang trip... Air Itam Assam Laksa

We drove all the way up Guan Yin Temple, above the Kek Lok Si temple. I still prefer to walk up from Air Itam market to Kek Lok Si as there's so much to see along the way but on a hot sunny day, I can give it a miss. You can get to Kek Lok Si temple by cable car from Guan Yin temple
The giant Guan Yin. Can you see it ? Building an ornate shelter now. It'll be more beautiful once completed.

The souvenir shops, Amber playing with windchimes.. Kling Klang klang... kling klang klang...

Kek Lok Si and Guan Yin temple, snapshots

We were pooped when we left, so hot and the kids can't wait to dip in the pool again. This time, i fed her a bottle of warm milk before swimming to keep her body warm.
At night, we splurged on a nice dinner, at Oriental Seafood, corner of Gurney Drive, overlooking the sea. Very nice and breezy.

Live seafood, frozen seafood, you name it, this seafood parlour has it.

Some of the dishes we had : pak cheok har (fresh boiled prawns), lai liu har (mantis prawn), cheese baked crab and steamed soon hock (marble goby).

We know it's a touristy place and didn't expect it to be cheap but for 6 of us with the dishes above and another oyster fried noodle and HK kailan, total bill was about RM400, not too bad but the soon hock fish was overdone and shrank in size, what a waste. Ordering soon hock is always a gamble, pay a lot but taste like chicken if the chef oversteams it.