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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Saturday Lunch Gathering

Last Saturday, hubs was away for compulsory training for his yearly CPE points. I have a full Saturday to myself. I've been eyeing Annie's bento for a long time and asked her to do one for Amber too. Then I asked her to host an afternoon gathering at her place.

We had 4 kids (Annie's twins, Barb's Ashley and Amber) tearing the house down whilst we busy away in the kitchen.

Annie marinated 50 wings !!! We arranged the wings and roasted some veges at the bottom of the pan. Looks pro huh ? Check out Annie's blog for more pics .

Annie also made coleslaw and mashed potatoes. I 'tau see' from her how to make warm and moist mashed potatoes and my favourite was the chilling cold coleslaw !!

Then Annie started the bento frenzy. I wanted to 'tau see' , I looked at the meticulous work and shake my head ! tskk tskkk. so much detailed work. I don't have nimble fingers to dot the eyes. shape Ultraman's legs, etc.. I rather whip up a big dish of yam cake with less work. Sorry Amber, I think Mama will send you to Aunty Annie's house for bento next time :)

Preparing the bentos:

Annie also made yummy radish soup. Even simple soup looks cute and enticing. Amber had 2 big bowls !

The bentos !

Barbara brought yummy butter and chocolate cakes and hiong peah. We had 2 large mugs of Nescafe, courtesy of Annie's excellent coffee making skills. We eat and yak, eat and yak till late afternoon. The kids had a whale of a time running up and down her house, literally tearing the house down.

Then we got the kids to take pictures together. Aiyo yo ! They just won't sit still :

Until Annie told the kids she'll send the pictures to Ultraman. LOL !!!!

It was a fulfilling and fun gathering especially watching the kids play. Must do this more often !