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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan - Klang

Saturday, we went for a seafood expedition to Port Klang. Our guide, 'teh-si-peng' lives in Kota Kemuning and we made plans to meet at his house and move from there on. Hubs and I are not familiar with Port Klang, the roads are kinda dark with lots of unexpected bumps and humps. Although we had GPS with us, Collin was the bestest GPS ! He'll alert us on sharp humps to look out for.

He gave us a few choices, Chinese seafood, Malay seafood, seafood with toddy and a famous lala place. Hubs chose Chinese (he'll go for anything porky !!) and we went to Bagan Hailam. I remember vaguely about 10 years ago, going there for barbecued crabs with my bunch of girlfriends but this time I didn't see any bbqs.

Bagan Hailam restaurant is stretched out to the sea, you'll have to pass through a small Hainanese community comprising of about 8-10 houses sitting on planks before you finally reach the restaurant.

We were there around 8pm and the tide was a tad high. We could see water all around us but it looked 'black'. I was extra careful with Amber. We told her if she'd to play near the railings and fall, nobody will save her coz we don't know how to swim .. :)

The view was kinda nice, overlooking the port and seafront but at 8pm, we can't see much.

Upon reaching the restaurant ..

So, what did we have ?

Kam heong bamboo clams, Crabs with mihun, Hailam noodles,
Hailam mixed vege and steamed prawns (pak cheok har)
All was good but we made a mistake with pak cheok har. It's not fresh live prawn (as with most pak cheok har ) but they served us sea prawns which is not fresh from the aquarium but still, it was very fresh.
The best dish was crab mihun ! Our total bill came up to RM150 for 5 of us. Quite a fair deal don't you think ?
As if dinner wasn't good enough, Collin kept hinting us to try another lala soup place... will blog about it later...