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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weekend Getaway - Kampar/Ipoh Day 1

What did you do over the Merdeka Weekend ?

Our initial plan to PD's newly furbished Thistle Guoman has been put on hold because Amber is still coughing and doctor advised us to keep her away from swimming until she fully recovers + another 2-3 weeks more.

So, our friends Thomas and Joanne invited us to Kampar, Joanne's hometown. Sounded very interesting. Kampar is an ex-mining town at Kinta Valley and it's also where UTAR and KTAR is located. I've also heard so much about Kampar kai-chai-peang (chicken biscuits), fish balls and so much more.

Joanne recommended us to stay at Grand Kampar Hotel, I quickly made my reservations on Thursday night, very last minute and we were lucky as there's only 10 rooms left!

Off we went on Saturday morning, heading to Joanne's home first. Her mom cooked a feast for us (steamed chicken, prawns, fish, roast pork, vege and soup). Lunch was really excellent, felt more like Chinese New Year reunion roundtable lunch. I missed taking photos of the lunch, really a pity but I learnt from Joanne's mom her secret recipe for a good ginger dip for steamed chicken. That'll be my next cooking project. Hubs been bugging me to cook chicken rice at home, so I have a good reason to cook 'pak cham kai' :) Hope it'll be a success I can blog about.

We checked in to the Grand Kampar Hotel, at the section off Jalan Gopeng, Kampar town at Bandar Baru Kampar, a new township in the boom, with UTAR and KTAR college within cycling distance. The community at this township consist of mostly students and don't be surprised to see many motorbikes and bicycles parked in the huge and beautiful houses.

Grand Kampar Hotel. Very clean, affordable (RM128nett + breakfast for non peak days) and good service

View of the room and the little one busy drawing on notes. I really like the room coz the flooring is laminated wood thus gives you a clean squeaky feel. I dislike carpets.

A view just outside the hotel, very upmarket and clean feel.

From the rooftop, we can see UTAR and TAR College. Can you see a 'lake' on the left ? It's an old mining pool and if you drive along to UTAR, you see a good view of the pools, with jogging tracks surrounding it. Very nice place for student to 'pak tor' too ! :)

The pool at the rooftop, so tempting to the little girl but strictly no swimming .. doctor's orders..

Kampar also has a few other attractions, situated along the limestone hills stretching all the way to Ipoh, there's Gua Tempurung, Lata Kinjang waterfalls and a few other jogging track which Thomas wanted to bring us but we'd better keep Amber out of water for the time being. So this trip is all about "FOOD" :)

Next stop .... Ipoh town....