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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Still Doodling

Yes, she's still at it.

Crayons, she peels with her finger nails and I end up scraping the bits off her nail beds
Color pencils, she sharps with sharpener more than she colors
Pens, she loves to draw on the own hand.

The best learning to write & draw toy is still doodles. Hubs bought her a doodling board recently and she's more than happy to show us her stuff :

Drawing a 'flower'. We've reminded her many times to use her right hand instead of left and I think we've succedeed to make her a rightie.

Another flower

Trying to write A B C

She prefers the doodling pad to pencils and crayons. Is this 2 steps back in her development or is it an improvement ? I don't know ler ??? All I know is she's going school next year (in 3 months time) and I have to start kindie hunting soon. In fact, we've more or less decided but I just need to check out the kindie one of these days before start of school holidays.