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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Trip To Bird Park

We bought tickets to the Bird Park at Ikano some time ago at a discount. Expiring on 30 September 09 and we've been postponing the trip many times. Counting down to expiry date, I told hubs : Go or Burn ! So, die die also have to use up the tickets.

Finally, we made a trip there on Sunday. Picked Annie and the twins to come along with us at very ungodly hours on a Sunday morning at 9.30am. Luckily it was a raining the night before, so the weather was mild and nice.

My Canon Powershot 'kaput-ed' and I had to resort to my old faithful, first camera, used since Amber's birth, a Cybershot to capture the very few pics here.

Our first stop was the 'Love Aviary'. Spot the lovebirds ?

Then we followed this flock of 'dunno whats' on their feeding round. They feed on fishes.
The park will be nicer if they put more signages with info on their birds and some information on them. I can only recognize the famous fews : eagles, peacocks, parrots, cockatoos, flamingos, pelican, hornbills, emus, ostrich and few other more familiar looking ones.

Can you recognize this bird ?

Peacock ! We are very fortunate to come across a proud one showing off !

Flamingos, storks and a pelican. Can you tell which is which ?

The cuties among the birds. Fearles and Amber :)

Have you ever wondered why flamingos sometimes stand on one leg, the other folded and heads bent to the body ? Hubs said they are sleeping but I'm not too sure if it's true wor.

Then this little girl of mine tries to imitate a sleeping flamingo ! LOL !!!

Feeding the lories.

Amber wasn't afraid and in fact she has a soft spot for animals and pets. She loved the birds so much.

Lories are cute and colorful, like mini parrots. Now, if only the guy in yellow can stand aside, the birds color contrast will look better in this pic :)

The lories took their own sweet time picking on the sunflowers

I like this picture very much, taken by Annie. Thanks Annie.
We took a family photo for RM25, they'll place eagles, hornbills and parrots all over your hands, shoulder and head, really worth paying for but I have cropped this pic to show only Amber cradling a white parrot and another bird (dunno what again) on her head. She loves it so much, 'kuai kuai' carry the bird like a baby !

Then she held a baby chicken..

At the incubating hatchery with Fearles.. if you stay long enough , you'll see chicks hatching.

But we were hungry.... lol ! We left after the Bird Show at the amphitheatre.
Then on our way out, this friendly big bird came to say hello to the kids :
Amber was to taken with the bird, refuse to look the camera..

We completed the bird park in almost 3 hours.. phew.. the kids had fun, warmed up to each other and then it's time to leave !
Amber didn't want to go home and insisted on going to Aunty Annie's house. She asks us to go home first and pick her up later. The poor girl was almost in tears !!!! She's so 'chee' (glue) to Annie and the boys, she'd rather Papa and Mama go home. LOL !!!!
All in all, it was a good trip. The KL Bird Park was much better than I expected. Toilets are clean, staff were friendly and birds well kept (except for a few skinny and pathetic ostrich). I would make a trip there again and I'll bring along lots of bottled water and mosquito repellent !
Thanks Annie for joining us the trip at very last moment notice. Amber was a very happy girl !