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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another sinful one : Lor Mai Kai !!!

My favourite dim sum dish is lor mai kai. The real LMK that comes with lap cheong, chicken and sausage, not hor yip farn ok ? I've always liked this dish since when I was a little girl. There's something about the fragrant and smooth lor mai that's delectable and makes you look forward for the next dim sum session. I can never have more than 1 lor mai kai, the glutinous rice can be very 'chai' and 1 is just nice.

I've browsed so many recipes, over the net, at the bookshops and magazines. I've been meaning to try it for a long time but hesitated because I've never handled glutinous rice before, it's always a bit daunting to try something new :(

I have all my stuff ready, the stainless steel bowls (yes, I bought a dozen just for this recipe), Mei Kuei Lu wine, and glutinous rice. I could not keep the rice for long, I can see dust settling at the bottom, that means the pests are getting to it.

So, over the Raya weekend, after a wine and roast pork session with hubs and his friends, I got my hands dirty working on the lor mai kai.

Surprisingly, quite easy to make and I'd like to share the essential stuff :

Mei Kuei Lu Chiew. You can get this at liquor shops or Chinese medicine halls. Different from Tsiao Hsing wine. This is has a 'flower' fragrance (the name mei kuei means rose, I guess it's pressed from rose flowers but I can find any hint of roses, nevertheless it's a wonderful liquor for cooking lor mai kai and char siu)

The ingredients :
Glutinous rice, soaked overnight and steamed till cooked over rapid boiling water
Mushrooms , soaked overnight
Chinese sausage
Deboned chicken (marinate with Mei Kuei Lu liquor, salt, pepper, ginger juice and fish sauce)
Ginger juice

Once the rice is cooked, fluff it and mix with the following marinades, I used 1tbsp each, it's hard to tell the exact qty, just use your best estimation and 'agak agak' :

abalone sauce
dark soya sauce
light soya sauce
fish sauce
sesame oil
ginger juice

and most important ingredient - pork lard. I used leftover roast pork oil drippings ( sedapp !!!) and mix & mash together with glutinous rice. The lormai is very sticky and for better mixing/marinating, I used my hands.. So, no pics on this step.

Lay a piece of chicken meat, mushroom and lap cheong in a bowl

Cover with marinted glutinuos rice and steam for another 40 minutes.

Tadaaa.. LOR MAI KAI.... from my kitchen.
I also made mini ones using my tart bowls for Amber :

If you have the Ikea plates, you'll roughly know how big it is.

Mini lor mai kai.
In fact, the mini ones is better. The bigger bowls are quite 'jelak' , too much rice. Anyway, this is my first attempt, hubs and BIL gave a big THUMBS UP!!!
Note : Since it's quite tedious to make and you can't eat much at a go, cover with foil and freeze it.
Also, Annie, if you are reading this, I know I still owe you many many lor mai kais ok.. :) Next round, I make for you ya !