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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weekend Getaway - Kampar/Ipoh Day 1

We quickly showered and get ready to go Ipoh for our makan getaway. Joanne and Thomas came to pick us up. Initial plan was to try ice-kacang at Kampar but it was getting late, Joanne suggested we go straight to Ipoh, the kopitiams close by late afternoon, I couldn't agree more :)

We took the trunk road to Ipoh and pass by many limestone hills and caves. We passed Gua Tempurung, it would be nice to stop by one day (only after I had my dose of coffee). We wanted to stop by at Sam Poh Tong at Gunung Rapat but it was raining and not a good idea to go into the caves on a wet and dark afternoon, we headed straight to Ipoh instead.

Joanne's sisters were waiting for us at Ipoh to take us on our makan rounds. These 2 lovely ladies were very nice, it was raining cats and dogs in Ipoh and they braved the rain and traffic jam to bring us round town. However, the weather took a turn and rain stopped when we arrived at Ipoh Old Town. With our trusty GPS, we went straight to Jalan Bandar Timah.

The 2 famous kopitiam for Ipoh While Coffee.
Sin Yoon Loong and Sun Yuan Foong. Didn't know which to choose, we had both !!! hehehe.... luckily the gang agreed to try both :)

The kopitiams have an agreement and you can order food from any stalls even from Nam Heong across the street, irregardless which kopitiam you are at as long as you order their kopi and teh.

It was teatime so we ordered some snacks to share :

Chee Cheong Fun.. silky smooth Ipoh hor fun.. who could resist ?

Fried chye tau kueh, from a mobile stall outside the coffeeshop. Very good !

Some kuehs from Sun Yuan Foong. The yam cake is worth a try,
very smooth and sprinkled with grounded peanuts.

Kopi-ping from Sin Yoon Loong. Very refresh but lack aftertaste.

The kids, playing with ice cubes... making ring from ice cubes.

The hot kopi was better but I personally prefer kopi-ping.
Very hard to get good kopi-ping that can withstand dilution
from ice cubes.
The gang prefers Sun Yuan Foong coffee, which is much darker and thicker compared to Sin Yoon Loong. I personally prefer the latter and can have 2 kopi-pings at a go. If I take 2 of Sun Yuan Foong's.. I would have been really 'high' on coffee already.. hehehe..
After coffee, we jalan-jalan cari makan around Ipoh town again.

Stopped by at Yee Hup for their famous heong peah. I still have enough stock from my Ipoh/Penang trip 2 weeks ago, I went easy this time and got only a few packs. Yee Hup heong piah is the best of all I've tasted. There's many varieties and packing too. I got to know from Barb they have sugar free ones too.
We strolled along Old Town for an hour or so, we're still stuffed up to have anything else but it'll be a waste not to try the famous Ipoh ngar choy kai right ?

I've heard so much about Lou Wong, just had to try, we had the chicken and taugeh, minus hor fun.

Ipoh taugeh is really different. Short and plump looking with short roots too. Crunchy and sweet, unlike our KL's 'raw' tasting taugeh. After the first bite, we didn't feel so full anymore, luckily we made a stop .. hehehehe...

Pak cham kai... Chicken boiled with skill, Ipoh style. Smooth and tasty.

Look at the crowd.. Almost 40 tables in all.

Joanne's sis literally walked through Ipoh old town with us, bringing us to taufoofah (but was closed already... too bad) and then to Ipoh famous Ipoh Salted Chicken.

Packs and packs of salted chicken.... We grabbed 2 ..
Before you think how we could gorge down so much food, we actually had the salted chicken for SUPPER !! hehe
We had a 'picnic' at an outdoor section of the hotel cafe :

Beers and chicken for us.
Milk bottles and water for the kids :)

Joanne, Thomas and Sharon went home for a shower first and also heated up the salt baked chicken.. :)

With beer, it's an excellent supper...

and the kids also had fun, running around everywhere, luckily there wasn't many people around, they were really LOUD.

playing London Bridge Is Falling Down :

the energizer bunnies.. on and on till midnight. Gosh,I really don't know where they get the energy !

We 'cheered' with beers and the kids also followed the same. But don't be fooled by these 2, the the cans are empty lar... they just wanted to follow what the parents did.
The next day : Savouring Kampar delicacies !!!