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Monday, September 7, 2009

Fancy Wants

Lately, Amber has been asking me for fanciful things, out of the blue. influenced by her 'peers' .

Mama, I want shoes, with wheels !
She must have got this from watching those guys at Tesco's roller skating around.. LOL !

Mama, I want shoes , got lights, like Cheh-Cheh's.
Her cousin sister has a pair of Barbie shoes with blinking lights. Sorry, Mama & Papa too kiamsiap to pay >Rm60 for a pair. Luckily I found a similair al cheapo pair from Tesco's for RM19.90. You should have seen the smile on her face.. priceless.
I don't believe in branded stuff but I believe in 'bargains', luckily at age of 3, she can't tell the difference between Barbie and Barbi ... :)

Mama, I want drinking bottle, like Cheh-Cheh's, got water and toy turning turning one..
She meant a Disney water tumbler with some liquid floating toy at the bottom (very beautiful). Cost RM29.90, Hubs said forget about getting her one, if she drops it, it'll break. Instead I got her one without the liquid thingy at the bottom for Rm12.90. She ok'ed... :)

Mama, can you buy me a pair of wings ? I want to wear.. buy shiny shiny wan ok ? Like Tinkerbell ok ?
Now, I don't know where she got this from.
I actually joked with her and said Huh ? Wings ? What wings ? Chicken wings can or not ? I pretended not to know...LOL!!
The only wings I've seen are those worn by Sherilyn but she got it from HK. Her mom, Shireen, told me to check out Toys R Us, then again, if it's expensive, I shall give it a pass.

Can anybody tell me where to get 'wings' ?

Her whims and fancies.. I'll try not to give in all the time but only sometimes. We'll have to compromise. I don't want my girl to demand and have what she wants always.. Things don't come easy for us too right ?