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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Last week, I had to make a trip downtown to attend some classess. I took the train. Taxi very expensive now leh..

I was pleasantly surprised :

Hand sanitizers at entry/exit points. Moi sanitized hands so many times ... :)

Graffiti along Pasar Seni... some things never change..

Old tuition center.. I went there. . my nephews went there and soon my daughter go there..

Old coffeeshop I frequent during my school days .. Lai Foong

The Tong Kee egg tart and pastries still around.

But I had beef noodles instead. Don't be fooled by this plain looking serving. Lots of 'liu's underneath. RM5 per serving. Not as good as before but still above average

Lai Foong is famous for it's beef noodles.

Then I walked along the shops across the street. .

Selling lots of dried seafood, dried produce and sundries and imported canned foods. Many aunties stocking up their kitchen here....
... and I am one of them :)
I bought some Shandong nuts to make some 'braised' peanuts served as appetizers at restaurants. Will blog if it's successful, if you don't hear from me then it's a flop .. LOL !!!
It's a nice trip down memory lane ya.. reminiscing my school days... and thinking how time flies and how my life has been over years. Some things changed.. some things don't. Like good old Lai Foong ! :)
Enjoy a trip down Petaling Street if you can. Make sure you have enough time to browse the streets by foot. That's the best way to enjoy Petaling Street :)