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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More of My Loot @ Mydin

Here's more on why you should shop for hair accessories at Mydin :

These mini sharks. 100 in a pack, 10 pack in a bag of RM7 !!. That means I have 1000 of them! I'll give some to her cousins and friends. Good things are meant to share right ?

A close up on the hair clips. Prices are for a pack of 10 ! (RM6 for left and RM2.90 for right)
RM2.50 for pack of 12. Plain snap on off clips. I have big plans for these clips. Got some wonderful ideas from BoeyJoey on how to make yo-yo hair pins...
I don't think I'll ever buy from Sinma or pasar malam again. I'll still go Evita Peroni but only for my own stuff. Their accessories last a lifetime. I've been using pelican clips and sharks from 10 years ago and it's still as good.
Amber will have BOXES of hair accessories now, and if only she could stay still and let me doll up her hair :0)