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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sesame Beginnings

I was at Isetan's festive 4 days specials 2 wks ago and got these for a steal :

Sesame Beginnings tees for RM10 each ! Not many designs but I grabbed what I could. I love SB's. A kid looks so kiddy in SB's attires.

This adjustable pants, even cheaper, also RM10 !

All the items were in a clearance box. I realised the Sesame Beginnings counter (near the Isetan KLCC,, kids department toilet entrance) ain't there anymore, only Elle's left.

What happened ? I hope it's not discontinued. Amber grew up with lots of Sesame Street attire, Elmo's shirt, the Big Bird and more. Some are hand me downs, some I bought. I love Sesame Street attires.

Luckily Amber is growing out of Sesame Street fashion. I think the pieces I bought will be her last few..