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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Toy for Hubs

Initial plan was to get a camera for me. Looked around, the better digital ones were above RM1k, then hubs thought, for paying that kinda price, might as well get a DSLR. Then shopped around, compared models, functions etc , we settled for Canon coz we find it user friendly.

Tadaa.... his new toy..

Canon DSLR1000D. Got it for RM1999 from Harvey Norman with 8gb memory card. If you wanna get one, please go Canon specialist shop and bargain. Price is almost the same and you get original filter. We kena 'conned' by Harvey Norman coz they gave us some al cheapo filter instead.

With my new camera, I can take Amber 'in action'. One click and the moment is captured :

She's a smart girl, she knows Papa has a new 'expensive' camera and now she'll pose to take pictures.

Can see her missing tooth clearly now.

Camera 'chik chak' so fast, can catch her jumping up and down, if it was my old camera, sure 'blur' already.
Since hub's in charge of the camera, I can have more pics taken with Amber .. .. .. YAY !!!
With my our new camera, we can capture not just photos but the real candid moments.
More pics to come . . . . .