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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Over the weekend

We were back to Tampin over the weekend for a night's stay. Onthe morning before we left, we brought her to see Dr Iean again, she still has cough and I was worried. Dr said she is 99% cleared but some itchy and stubborn phlegm stuck on her chest. He advised me to tap her back (cupping my hands, with Amber lying on her tummy) for 2 minutes, 3 times a day.

Her weight has dropped to 13kg .. sigh.. very 'sum thoong'. Although I had posted earlier she could carry a 10kg sack of rice, my little skinny minny is only 13kg. Pity isn't it ? She was 14.5kg couple of months back.

See hubs and Amber's mask ? I did mentioned Dr Iean takes extra precaution, he asked the nurses to paste a piece of paper over the masks for 'double protection'.

Amber was sleeping all the way back to Tampin (must have been tired from a night of incessant coughing) and the moment we reached, she jumped out of the car shouting for YEH YEH ! MAH MAH !

She's so happy to be back. I think it's because FIL's house is merry with so many people around.

This trip, we went to Mydin hypermarket at Ayer Keroh. I was told stuff there is cheap..really cheap. I got a lot of hair accessories for Amber :

RM9 only for this whole pack.

This mini sharks even cheaper RM7 !!! for hundreds of them . Can you believe it ? Now I can tie those Little Nyonya buns for her without stinging on the limited shark clips we have.

I bought so much, hubs suggested I open a pasar malam stall selling hairclips.. LOL !

Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah also pampers their grandkids with lots of gifts. Amber received a 48 color pencil.. Tskk tskk.. jealousnya.. for the life of me, I never had anything more than 24 color and I had only 1 box of 24 color.. a gift from an aunt, then no more....

It was a short trip and my little girl didn't wanna go home. We packed to leave on Sunday afternoon and she asked Mah Mah to come along with her into the car..

Then she asked Yuen Wen cheh cheh to come into our car, and go home with us


again and again...
almost breaking into tears...

I think she's too lonely back home, she wants some company to play with.

We joked with her.. if she doesn't come back with us, she'll have to take the train or bus back.
She even said 'OK'

** poor child** she miss everyone too much to leave.

She left with a heavy heart, saying bye bye to everyone and blowing kissess while hubs drove out of the house.

Then on Monday morning, when she woke up, before wishing me good morning, she told me :
Mama, can you and Papa send me to Tampin first before you go to work ??

I had to explain 'panjang lebar' to her on why we have to go on our daily schedules, including her.

This morning, she tried her luck again :

Mama, I want to take train to Tampin.

What ? You want to go alone ah ? Mama & Papa have to work.

No, Yuen Wen cheh cheh will go with me

Then I had to cerita 'panjang lebar' again on why she can't go, nobody will pick her up from train station, bla bla bla...

Mama, I want to take bus. Bus go to Yeh Yeh's house. No need Sook Sook to pick me up.

LOL !!! Sei mou ??? She's not giving up ! She just wants to go back to Yeh Yeh & Mah Mah's house.

Then she tells me a long story on why she don't wanna go Boon Kor Kor ...

.... she wants me to stay home to take care of her

.... she wants to follow me to office.. and she promise not to 'disturb' Papa & Mama do work.

.... she wants to go Tampin everyday

.... she don't like to go Boon Kor Kor there everyday...


every morning, I take 15 minutes to get her out of her blues before we start the day....

Amber, oh Amber, fun times are fun times, routines are routines.. how should I make you understand ??