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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pics from our EOS1000D

The first few attempts were blurry shots but we still got some nice shots :

Flying like an angel...

Angel with her wings

Sharon mei-mei, she has the loveliest eyes..

Then over the Raya weekend, we went Pavilion :

Amber fell asleep on her stroller. Just woke up, hubs caught her peeping from stroller

We had dinner at La Lot, Vietnamese :

Food shots. No complains over the clarity but somehow the color tone can do with some adjustments.

She woke up while we were having dinner, threw a tantrum

Cropped up close, can see her 2 tiny teardrops up close

Then smiling again. She complained her left foot was in pain, so we threw the old shoe away and put on plasters.

Cute dino plasters. She's into Jurassic Park recently. Watched like a million times already..

Liuli fountain at Pavilion.

'Hoe sam cheng' .. in a good mood, she loves fountains

Her favourite snack - J Co donuts. Her favourite is strawberry cream (mine too)

We 'tapau' J Co and headed to The Loaf

Pastries... yummy


Tuna bread. Looks good hor ?

Enjoying her donuts

Her joy.. chomping down donuts

Cheeky smile .. as if something's up her sleeves

Thumbs down

Thumbs up

Wakakaka !!! When she's happy, I'm happy..