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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Weekend Getaway - Kampar/Ipoh Day 2

***warning.. another long post with lots on food ***

We had a late night, 'suppering' on salted chicken and beer and the kids had their own fun running round and round, screaming, laughing, shouting, they went wild.. while we enjoyed our beer...

And the next morning, both kids slept past 8am, we didn't have the heart to wake them up. Breakfast was provided by the hotel but tell me, who would go for hotel food in a town known for yummies ??? Definitely not us ! Joanne suggested early breakfast at Kampar's Medan Selera coz if we were late, we'll not get a seat.

Thomas and Joanne, our trusty guides (we're fortunate, we can "go-where-the-locals-go" with them) picked us up at 8.30am. Guess how we woke Amber up ?
.... errr we did not ...

hubs carried the sleeping baby over his shoulders.. with pyjamas, diapers and all.. LOL !!

and Sharon was still sleeping too ! LOL !!! Both kids were still asleep in the car....

At the Kampar Market's Medan Selera. A very huge food court style with ALL GOOD FOOD ! All looks good, I *pengsan-ed*. Sharon's mom went to the market earlier to get us a table and tar-paued some of the better titbits from the market for us to try.

We ordered a bowl of Kampar ching-tong-meen .... So many choice.. we settled for char siu and fish balls!!

Check out the teh-ping and kopi-ping. Notice the thick froth ? Yummmzz !!!

Fun-chai .. noodle like or hand made noodle.. from the market.

Cheong fun.

Lor mai farn.. with char siu and kacang and curry gravy. I likee this best !

Nyonya kuih. Taste as good as the color looks. Supposed to tar-pau back to have on our drive back to home .. but we forgot all about it !! Aiseh.. must try again on our next trip.

Fried kuey teow with lime. Nice too. I think most hor fun dishes from Kampar and Ipoh is nice. :)

Deep fried kampar fish balls. Chewy and tasty.. must go with chilli sauce..

Our bowl of ching-tong. Not very 'ching' coz the soup was very sweet.. unlike our food courts in KL, the soup is really clear coz it's MSG laden :(

Luckily we had a big table to place all our yummies. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, a perfect breakfast !

Amber was still sleeping... hubs carried her while tucking in to the food.. sei mou ? hahaha..

She only woke up when we're almost done with breakfast, we took the kid to playground next to the market .

Sharon wanted to be 'adult' pushing Amber's swing..

We stopped by and did some shopping at the market. Sharon got a pair of sandals. Amber, a shoe fanatic could not resist trying the shoes esp the 'adult looking' ones with heels, flowers and all.

We went around UTAR and surrounding area outside the campus but was not allowed to go inside, security's tight around the campus area. We packed and checked out while waiting for our trusty guides to bring us lunch (makan again !!!) at Kam Ling Restaurant.

'The' restaurant at Kampar, located at Jalan Idris... the numbers here for you to make reservations for their famous :

Chicken bun... or Meen Pau Kai !

Curry chicken wrapped in sweet soft bun. A novelty worth trying.

Dip the buns into fragrant curry gravy and chunks of firm potatoes.

the other dishes we had,, fried yee meen, cantonese fried, sing chau noodle and roast duck.
Even if lunch was enough, we need desert right ? Well, at least to freshen hubs up for the long drive back home.
Another Kampar specialty, FMK Ais Kacang.. you know it's a good place coz it's a coffee shop specializing in ais kacang, not a small stall in a food court :)

So many types of ais kacang.. one long list wor...

We had the plain one without any frills .. and it was good.
Refreshing enough to wake us up after a heavy lunch.
Then.. it was a leisure drive home with sweet recollection of the wonderful makan places we went over span of 2 days. The next trip here has to be longer and we'll plan more activities for the kids other than makan makan only.