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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Puffy Crackling Roast Pork

Pictures might be offensive, you'll gain weight just reading this post ! LOL !!!

I am happy with my own roast pork recipe here but I'd like to further improve on it's skin, I want the achieve the softer crackling. Don't be mistaken, still crispy but on a softer note, just like those siew yoke at those HK roast meat shops. I found a recipe worth trying here. In fact, most of her recipes are worth trying. I spent a few nights browsing Redneck's site. Check out when you've time.

I'm going to do a pic by pic account on the puffy crackling roast porkie session here :

Pork belly, I cut to half for easier marination and roasting. Cut lines on meat side for better marination. Cut horizontal lines on skin also

Marinate : 1 cube nam yue, 1 tbsp Chinese 5 spice powder, 1 tbsp salt.

Rub on meat, dry skin side up by leaving in fridge for overnight marination.

Remove from fridge 1 hour before roasting. Fry skin side down in non stick pan for ard 3-5 minutes on low fire

Before and after frying

The oven setting. Roast/grill mode and 170 C.

Roasted for 1 hour but I crank up the temp to 190 C after 50 minutes when I didn't see much 'action'.

I also slathered some white vinegar on the skin.

Then within 5 minutes, the 'action' starts like mini volcanoes erupting

Tadaa !! Puffy crackling rostie porkie.. done..

As you can see the skin is not as thick as my previous attempt, this method achieves a puffier skin whereas the previous method gives you a more crackling skin.
Both are nice...