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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Papaya Pickles

After the recent weeks up North, my home is stocked up with heong peah, tau sar peah, peanut candies, brown sugar cookies and many other what-nots.

Fei sei hor ?

I tend to snack at night, which is a very bad habit. Somehow, when the night's quiet, curling up in my sofa with my favourite tele program on (most likely Channel 703 - another food program **sigh** ) .. I'll start craving for snacks, anything I can munch on.

Hubs no angel either, in fact, always instigating me to make him a nice cup of teh tarik.. which ends up with a cup for myself either.

I was having dinner at Hailam Village recently and they served very nice papaya pickles. So, I thought of making some for my night snacks. Less calories, more enzymes and vitamins, definitely healthier right ?

Very simple :

Raw papaya, coarse sugar and rice vinegar

Peel and slice papayas.

Marinate with sugar and vinegar

Ready to chomp in a week !!!

Crunchy, zesty, healthy and full of enzymes !